Write a Letter

Write a Letter

August 26, 2014

Last week, I delivered a luncheon presentation to a wonderful group, the ROMEOs (Retired Old Men’s Eating Organization).  This is a delightful cohort of more than 100 retired men who gather every week for lunch and a speaker.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience (I mean, really… as I said to them, it’s every girl’s dream to be in a room full of Romeos, right?!) and generated an idea too good to not pass along.

We were in the process of discussing the power of the handwritten thank you note, a topic I hit on frequently.  Everyone was in agreement that this is an ancient and important, but dying art!  One fellow in particular raised his hand and shared the following:

“My children all live out of town and I don’t get to see them or my grandchildren as frequently as I would like.  One way I keep in touch with all of them is to send each of my grandchildren a handwritten letter every few weeks or so.  They love getting mail and it gives me a chance to share thoughts, ideas, sentiments and information with them.  It makes them feel special and makes me feel great!” 

What a cool idea!  I believe it can be easily extended to other important people in our lives.  Everyone loves getting letters – especially unexpected and happy letters – in the mail.  And, what a lovely way to create a series of keepsakes for your loved ones, friends, important colleagues and clients.  And, by the way, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy tome.  A simple greeting card with a message, “thinking of you,” can work wonders, too!

Who will you send your letter to?  How many letters will you send each month?  Set a goal, write your letters and reap the sweet benefits of the joy you will create in the hands of your recipients!