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Master the Art of Networking

How do you — and your team members — feel about networking? Are they energized by the prospect of meeting new people? Or does the very notion send you into fits of panic? While networking may feel intimidating, stressful or awkward, now is the time to sharpen your networking skills, utilize this powerful tool and connect with others.

Alana’s presentation style will help you overcome your hesitations about networking, turning relationship building into an appealing and accessible activity that all participants can learn and benefit from.

Topics Tailored to Your Company

Alana is your business networking, leadership and motivational speaker who tailors topics and content to your organization’s unique needs. Many presentations include hands-on exercises to help participants hone and sharpen their skills.  Though based in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Alana offers her speaking, coaching, strategic planning and consulting services throughout the world.

Presentations range from 15 minutes to several hours in duration depending on your goals, event type, time available and budget.

Form a Strategic Mindset Around Networking

Coffee Lunch Coffee Networking Skills Training helps participants formulate a strategic mindset around Networking and create a game plan to start connecting with others. Participants leave the sessions with strategies for advancing their Networking efforts and bolstering the quality of their relationship bases.

“My life’s purpose is to Connect, Inspire and
Empower Community.”

Workshops & Services

Networking Skills Workshop

Networking Skills Workshop

The Networking Skills Workshop includes an overview of the Coffee Lunch Coffee Networking Platform, highlighting the importance of connecting with others while formulating a strategic mindset around Networking.

Time: 2 hours

Participants leave the workshop with the ability to:

Identify key connectors presently in their Networks
Consider others in their communities who they wish to add to their relationship bases
Feel prepared to engage in meaningful conversation during Networking interactions

Build Better Professional Relationships: The Coffee Lunch Coffee Approach

Additionally, participants engage in a selection of preparatory exercises to help them hone their Networking efforts and bolster the quality of their relationships.
Typically, the workshop lasts for approximately two hours inclusive of an overview, individual and group exercises and a question and answer period. Each participant receives a workbook for use during the session along with a complimentary signed copy of Coffee Lunch Coffee: A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking. Frequently, organizers allow for one additional hour or more following the workshop during which participants are encouraged to practice the Networking skills learned during the workshop itself. This is often held in the form of a luncheon or reception.

Five Tips for Networking Success

Five Tips for Networking Success

After an overview of the Coffee Lunch Coffee Networking Platform, participants will be exposed to five immediately actionable tips for Networking success!

Executive Presence for Professionals

Executive Presence for Professionals

The Executive Presence for Professionals session provides attendees with a conversational and informative discussion about appropriate professional demeanor and appearance.

Participants leave the presentation with better knowledge of how to: Understand and adhere to the expected dress code/standards of the industry; appropriately represent the brand image of the firm; and develop and cultivate a personal-professional brand of one’s own. Typically, the workshop lasts for about one hour inclusive of a formal presentation and a question and answer period.

Networking Tips for Women

Networking Tips for Women

Five Networking Tips for Women provides a brief overview of the Coffee Lunch Coffee Networking Platform followed by specific tips targeted at maximizing Networking effectiveness as women.

Participants leave the presentation with better knowledge of how to: Develop and cultivate a meaningful, authentic relationship base; effectively connect with other professionals during Networking interactions; and offer support to one another to build and improve business results. Typically, this interactive session lasts for approximately one hour inclusive of a formal presentation and a question and answer period.

Networking Sherpa and Event Emcee

Networking Sherpa and Event Emcee

Hosting a conference for a large audience? Allow Alana to serve as your event “Networking Sherpa” or emcee to help your participants make the most of their time together – before, during and after the event.


Utilizing the Coffee Lunch Coffee Networking Principles, Alana will guide participants on their Networking journeys. Whether attendees presently take an active approach to connecting with others or, conversely, shudder at the thought of having to reach out to others in a Networking capacity, she can help them traverse what may sometimes feel like daunting territory, thereby truly making possible what seemed impossible.

In the weeks and days leading up to the event, she will distribute pre-event reading materials and exercises to conference registrants to put them in the right frame of mind for Networking at the event. She will also make herself available by email to answer questions and forge connections among conference goers. Then, during the event, she will offer a series of 10 to 20 minute talks throughout the day to the full audience to include an overview of the Coffee Lunch Coffee approach, tips for connecting with others in a meaningful way and a few exercises to practice the information the participants are learning. All Networking Sherpa elements can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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