November 27, 2013

We’ve all had our professional disappointments… a lost sale, no job offer for perfect position, passed up for a promotion, and, of course, the networking meeting that went less than swell.  For those moments, I offer you this:  SWSWSW… Next!

My mom shares that with me from time to time when I’m struck by one of those misfortunes.  She learned about this important phrase years ago during a real estate training seminar.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it, too?  It stands for Some Will… Some Won’t… So What?  Next!  I just love it!  Makes me feel better every time.

Here’s the deal:  If you’re selling something that your prospect doesn’t want, move on!  He/she is not the client for you.  Your boss may not like your ideas for the big project you have in mind – next!  Not every networking interaction is going to be your most favorite – but some of them will be!  Look for those.

If life deals you a professional blow, of course, you may have had the wind knocked out of you, you may feel disappointed, you will need to take your lumps.  But, then, get back up!  Move on to the next opportunity be it a person, place or thing!  Feeling crushed, unfurl yourself, stand up tall.

If you need to, whisper to yourself, “SWSWSW… Next!”