Share the Wealth

Share the Wealth

December 2, 2011

One thing about really great networking is that savvy networkers are generous and they share their toys!  Sure, they are looking for pearls of wisdom for themselves, but they unselfishly share what they have with others.  They constantly ensure that the pie gets bigger, even as they are enjoying their own slice!  They live by the belief that we should have no limit on the number of friends they can have or on the number of people for whom they care.  When they connect with someone important, they simply expand our universe to include them.

I, for one, became richer today – several times over!

  1. A new networking contact, Bob – someone who I met at a Global Entrepreneurship Week event a few weeks ago – bought breakfast for me and gave me a copy of one of the books that he wrote.  WOW!  Food… and a book… and a new friend!  I am rich, indeed!  Plus, he shared some wonderful, funny, poignant stories with me about his life and professional experiences.  We had so much to talk about and easily filled the time we had.  I cannot wait to learn more.  Next time, the grub’s on me!
  2. I had the chance to meet a long-time radio personality today over Coffee.  I grew up listening to her on the radio – it was so neat to meet her in person – her voice is just as awesome in person as it is on the air!  Plus, she is an absolute delight.  Our conversation flowed easily and smoothly.  She shared with me information about several radio programs that she and two partners are producing through their new company, The Radio Dish.  She also invited me to come on her show… not once, but twice, in the next couple of months to tell her listeners about my company, Kauffman FastTrac, on one show and about some special courses that we are offering for women interested in starting or growing businesses on another show.  How cool is that?  You cannot pay for those types of connections… they are beautifully wrapped packages that miraculously appear! 
  3. My colleague, Michele, shared with me that she shared my blog with two of her contacts.  She encouraged them to read from the beginning so that they too could benefit from the insights and lessons.  What a gift!  A gift definitely to me – I am both flattered and humbled.  A gift, I hope, to them.

Three short stories of generous, giving souls who readily, willingly shared their wealth with me.  I am grateful.  What gifts did you receive today?  Whose life did you enrich?  Did you exchange a contact or two this morning over Coffee?  Will you commit to doing so tomorrow?  Would you consider buying lunch for a new contact or for someone with whom you have lost touch?  Networking is all about give and take.  Be sure to be all in… commit yourself to the process.  I guarantee you will emerge wealthier than you ever imagined from having shared, exchanged, given of yourself to others.  My Coffee cup runneth over!