See and Be Seen

See and Be Seen

August 2, 2016

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a consultant, in career transition, or any of a number of other professions that have you working from your home office, this post is for you – it provides a small tip thatOfficing at Mildred's can have big implications for you and your business.

Many people tell me they work very well from home… they enjoy the quiet… they can escape into their own little private oasis and get tons of work done.  That’s all well and good, but don’t get stuck in the trap of hiding out so that you become either forgotten or a distant memory of the professional you once were.  Make sure you make time to get out in order to see and be seen.

I know for me, though my home office is officially where I work, there are so many distractions (my sweet, wonderful, loving doggie who demands attention… the laundry… the refrigerator… the TV… etc.!) that I actually find myself looking for a different place to get some real work done. Additionally, in order to be among and around other working professionals, my office space of choice is always whichever coffee shop will have me that day. I find that by altering the location of where I work each day, I’m actually able to maintain more and better relationships because I see other professionals out and about and we continue to highlight our relevance to one another – even if our interactions are quick “hellos” in passing.

For me, the list of preferred venues is long and geographically widespread depending where in my city I will be that day.  It includes coffee shops (Mildred’s, The Roasterie, Kaldi’s, Crow’s, numerous Starbucks, Coffee Girl’s), tea shops (Aixois, t.Loft), spacious hotel lobbies (Overland Park Marriott, St. Louis Ritz-Carlton) and even my bank’s “guest plaza” (Freedom Bank), plus there are some great restaurants that allow me to grab breakfast and/or lunch, too (Panera, Corner Bakery Café, First Watch, Spin Pizza).  There are more (and, so sorry to leave out many other wonderful places!), but I think you get the idea!

So, my recommendation:  Find a great spot, with lots of activity, plentiful wi-fi and access to an electrical outlet, then set up shop!

Do you have a favorite place that you hang out to work, to visit with others and to keep yourself in the public eye?  Please take a moment to share it with all of us at!  Be sure to include the city as a point of reference (Note:  Most of my above listed recommendations are in the Greater Kansas City area although many venues have a national presence).  See ya there!