November 22, 2012

My eight year old twin niece and nephew, Illiana and Avi, have an ongoing unit in school.  It is called, “Reflections.”  Each week, they are tasked with identifying a poem and writing down a few sentences to capture their thoughts on the piece.  I absolutely love this assignment!  (It’s truly a shame that I can’t go back to 2nd grade, no?)  Though I’m not certain they enjoy my inquiries, I get a charge out of asking them about their Reflections on a weekly basis.


The notion of pausing to contemplate a thesis or idea or opportunity or new piece of information is such a good one.  It seems that our lives are so crazy busy that we are not afforded this quiet time to just stop and think.


That is why today, on this special day of giving Thanks, and at the risk of being a little “cheesy,” I am reflecting on the year that has gone by.  I am reflecting on all of the blessings in my life, for my contacts – old and new – for my wonderful network of family, friends and colleagues the world over.  I am reflecting on my hopes and dreams and aspirations for the days, weeks, months and years to come.  I am thankful for so much.


So, I’m no poet, but in keeping with Illy and Avi’s weekly assignment theme, I decided to write a little poem… dedicated to YOU!


Would you look at that?

It’s Thanksgiving time again.

Time to give thanks

To Family, Colleagues and Friends.


What an amazing year

It’s flown by so fast

Today I reflect

On the year that has passed.


Twenty eleven

November first the day

I started a blog

I had a lot to say


To share Networking tips

I touched paper and pen

I’ve even endeavored to

Publish a book since then.


It’s a modest description

To say I am blessed

I feel grateful and lucky and happy

The CLC community is the best!


For your support of Coffee Lunch Coffee

And from the bottom of my heart

Thank you, THANK YOU

You’ve been there from the start.


Can’t wait to see

What 2013 will bring

In 2012, thanks for CONNECTING with me.

Wishing you a very happy and meaningful Thanksgiving!