Quiet Time

Quiet Time

November 16, 2012

It’s been a fun, exhilarating, exciting, productive, busy… EXHAUSTING week!  Primarily the result of commitments related to Global Entrepreneurship Week, I am almost a little bit embarrassed to admit, I am really, really tired.  For a while now, I have been thinking about writing a post called, “Quiet Time,” but I wasn’t really sure how to articulate the points I wanted to make.  This morning, one of my favorite daily bloggers, Brad Feld, gave me that inspiration.  He posted a piece called, “Gone Fishing.”  He said:

“I’ve always wanted to say that but don’t think I ever have, especially since I don’t particularly like to fish. But I’m going fishing, at least metaphorically, for a while. It’s time to recharge my batteries…   I’ll talk to you when I return.”

Beautifully put; exactly the idea I would like to convey.


Wow, it has been a busy time.  Do you ever feel that way?  Like you have so much to do, so many meetings to attend, so many commitments to honor that you can’t get anything done?  I’m in the throes of a time like that.


Now mind you, I’ve brought all of this on myself.  Wanting to spend time with my husband and son.  Wanting to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues – both socially, civically and professionally.  Wanting to promote my book.  Wanting, wanting, wanting… OH!  And, let’s not forget that I am positively 120% passionate and dedicated to my work and my team.  Ugh.  Everything is suffering.


Sometimes, I just need some quiet time.  Time to think.  Time to read.  Time to play stupid games on my iPad.  Just a moment to do nothing but let my brain rest.  There is goodness in that.


A quick story… when I was in my second year of college, I took my first math course.  It was Math 114 (don’t ask me how I remember the course number) and it had something to do with calculus and discrete mathematics.  Week three or so, my prof handed out a take home test on a Friday with the charge to return it on Monday.  I got back to my “house,” pulled out the test, worked on it for about six hours and went to bed in tears.  I didn’t know any of the answers.  I cried myself to sleep, woke up, knew the answers, wrote them down… aced the test.  Bizarre.  The experience had a major impact on me; I ended up becoming a math major.  More bizarre.


You see, I think that sometimes we just need time to process, time to absorb the information that is thrown at us, time to fully bake our thoughts before we are able to make sense of them in a meaningful way.  Honestly, I don’t often allow time for my thoughts to marinate; I’m too impatient, too “type A,” too… I don’t know what.  But, I freely admit that if I had a bit more quiet time in my life, the outcomes might be a bit more… profound.


This weekend, I’m taking time out to recharge my batteries, too.  I’m going to get my hair cut, maybe get a mani-pedi, attend one of Ian’s soccer games, go to a movie… and veg out.  Won’t you join me?  Find a space of your own, unwind, let your brain rest, get ready for the excitement and the madness of the holiday season.  Until then… shhhhh…