Having a Noteworthy November

Having a Noteworthy November

November 11, 2013

“What a missed opportunity!” That’s how my friend, Eric Morgenstern, CEO of Morningstar Communications, describes use of the word, “fine.”  I couldn’t agree more. Here’s the context:

“How was your day?”


Come up with something… anything… else! 

As I share with participants in my talks and workshops on Networking, I liken use of the word “fine” in response to “how was your day?” as being similar to asking an elementary-school aged child, “what did you learn at school today?”  “Nothing.”  Boring.  And, probably not true!

Why not come up with something like “My day was great!”  “Never better!”  “Absolutely awesome!”  Or, if your day was lousy, you might say, “Well, my day was interesting….”  It should, at the very least, help to generate a little interest on the part of your contact to ask, “What was so great about it?” or “Interesting, huh?  Tell me more….”

Last week, at a Special Libraries Association – Kansas/Western Missouri Chapter dinner, I met Kitty Serling, Medical Librarian at Research Medical Center, who, with her “glass full” attitude, had a complete list of “How was your day?” responses for anyone to use.  I liked it so well, I requested her permission to share it with the CLC community. 

So, in the words of Kitty Serling, when someone asks how your day was or is going, you might respond, “I’m having a…”

  • Magnificent or Marvelous Monday
  • Terrific or Tremendous Tuesday
  • Wondrous or Wonderful Wednesday
  • Enthusiastic Thursday
  • Fantastic or Fabulous Friday
  • Sensational or Stupendous Saturday
  • Splendid or Blessed Sunday
  • Weekend full of Wow

Thanks for the inspiration, Kitty! 

For everyone, Kitty and I would both love to hear the response you would give to the question “How was your day?” or a greeting that you might offer to someone you encounter.  Whatever the case, wishing you and the entire CLC community a Noteworthy November!