Happy File

Happy File

November 2, 2015

Everybody needs a Happy File.  It’s a repository of items that come to you, often unexpectedly, that make you feel, well, HAPPY!  I’ve had a Happy File since I entered the workforce full-time more than two decades ago Happy File Image– if you don’t already have one of these treasure troves, I recommend you get started right away, whatever your age or professional stage in life.  Wonder where to begin?  Allow me to explain.

Have you ever received a special note from someone or a certificate of achievement or had a great article written about you in a local newsletter?  How about a great annual review of your performance or maybe a taken a beautiful photograph with someone important to you or perhaps had your name and photo listed on the program distributed at a conference or event?  The possibilities are both endless and very personal.  Consider what would make you happy to read and re-read, again and again.  Gather up these items and put them in your Happy File.  I’m talking about documented evidence of your accomplishments – big and small – that you can dig out from time to time to remind yourself just how awesome you are.  Whether you’re feeling down or nostalgic or getting ready for a big meeting, a quick spin through your Happy File might offer the little boost you need to amp up your mood, your confidence, your can-do spirit!

Of course, don’t forget, while bolstering your own ego, you can help fill somebody else’s Happy File, too.  Jot them a handwritten message of appreciation for their help with or leadership on an important project.  Write a few sentences of recommendation on their LinkedIn profile.  Recognize them at a team meeting for a job well done.  Send a Thank You Note in gratitude for taking time to meet with you and offering their input on a challenge you are facing.  Whatever you do, rest assured it will be noticed and appreciated.  Your pay-it-forward approach to making someone else happy will certainly reflect back on you and kick up your own happiness by a notch or two!

So, tell me… do you have a Happy File?  Any special items or notes you are willing to share?  Please do so by clicking on this link and adding a comment.