Get Out the Vote, Connect… and Bake Cookies

Get Out the Vote, Connect… and Bake Cookies

November 8, 2016

I don’t know about you, but this Election season has left me downright exhausted.  It’s been the most bizarre, unusual, embarrassing, confusing cycle in my lifetime and, perhaps, ever.  The negativity has publicly exposed the dark underbelly of America and encouraged divisiveness among our citizens.   Though I really dislike wishing away time, I really cannot wait until tomorrow morning in hopes that we will have elected our next batch of leaders and can move forward – hopefully out of all this ugliness… well, at least some of it.

All that said, for my fellow Americans, I urge you to do two things today:

  1. Vote.  Can’t state this strongly enough.  Whatever your views… whatever your perspective… whatever side of the aisle you place yourself… whoever your candidates… you must, simply must, VOTE.  And, not voting is still voting… it’s voting with your inaction and seeming apathy about your future and your children’s future (and their children’s future and so on).  Whether you think your vote will “count” due to Electoral College rules, etc., it is still so important to state your peace by checking the boxes for what you believe to be right and true.  Remember, though we take for granted the right to vote, others before us died fighting to secure this honor for us… So, get up off the couch and go vote!
  2. Connect.  Whether or not you vote (and I certainly hope you will), work on building relationships with others today.  It matters not that your opinions are perfectly aligned.  Red – Blue – Purple – Green – Other… for those of us in the United States, when it comes right down to it, we’re not that far apart in our beliefs and we must learn to accept and seek to understand one another.  And, by the way, when this election is over, at least 40 percent of the country will be unhappy – and we will still be colleagues and neighbors and citizens – it’s a good idea to try to forge some common ground.  So, invite a colleague for a cup of coffee… go for a walk with your neighbor… take action by volunteering with a group of others to do something nice for your community.

As for me, I voted early.  So, to keep busy and calm my nerves, I’m baking cookies (in the shapes of stars, donkeys and elephants to be specific) and going around town to share them with a few politically aware friends.  This evening, I’m attending two Election Night Watch parties – one at a friend’s house and another at my parents’.  Sure, my eyes will probably be glued to the television as I take in the results from around the country, but more importantly, I will be with people I care about showing them that despite any differences we may have, I love them so!

God Bless America.