Friendship Tomato

Friendship Tomato

September 12, 2017

Mmm. I just enjoyed the sweetest, juiciest, most beautiful tomato of the season… of course, I shared it with others which made it even more delicious.  How did I come to acquire such a delicacy, you ask?  Well, it was in the spirit of friendship.

I was actually on the treadmill at the gym when my dear 92-year old pal, Gus, approached me.  As ever, he greeted me, flashed his award-winning smile, gave me a hug and a kiss… then, he reached into his jacket pocket and produced a tomato.

He’d been telling me all summer about his garden.  The trials and tribulations of growing tomatoes… quantity, quality, critter avoidance, et al.  And then, wouldn’t you know it, once the ripened fruit was ready to be plucked from its vines, Gus gathered together the harvest to share with his friends.  He said, “I looked for you yesterday, but you weren’t here.  I wanted to give you a tomato because you are always nice to me.”  Needless to say, the resulting lump in my throat felt like a grape tomato had lodged itself there as tears welled up in my eyes. From my perspective, it is he who is always so nice to me.

More than a tomato, the gesture left me with the following lessons:

  1. Acknowledge kindness. Whatever the circumstances, as others shower you with love and affection, let them know how much it means to you.  Say “thank you” – in words and actions.
  2. Cherish friendship. There is enough hatred and evil and bad things going on in the world.  When you find friendship – however tight-knit the relationship, value it.
  3. Share your bounty. Irrespective of your lot in life, when you have something of value – be it friendship or tomatoes or the like, enjoying it with others feels great.  Spread the wealth.
  4. Appreciate one another. We all bring gifts untold and unexpected.  Help to uncover one another’s talents and qualities.  Tell one another how grateful you are for your relationship.
  5. Smile.  One thing I know for sure – a genuine smile, given freely to others, will put everyone at ease.  It will be your best tool for drawing people in and fostering friendship.

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