Networking Coaching

Networking Coaching

November 1, 2017

Networking Coaching helps participants learn and utilize the fundamental skills necessary to build long-term, mutually beneficial, meaningful professional connections. Our engagement will include a combination of:


1:1 interactions
Customized exercises around your goals
Duration: two to three months
In person or virtual coaching sessions

Topics include:

1. Networking Fundamentals. What is important to you (personal values)? Who are your connections – that is, who do you know and who would you like to know? How to connect with others – specifically, what language will you use and what is your preferred method of outreach?
2. Networking Events. How do you plan to select Networking events? What will you do to prepare? When you arrive, what will you do and who will you approach? How will you follow up with the people you meet?
3. Nurturing Your Network. Now that you have a strong relationship base, how will you maintain it? What will be your approach? How will you build your personal brand around that objective?