Fallen Down on the Job

Fallen Down on the Job

September 12, 2016

no-excusesI owe you an apology.  My commitment to the CLC Community is to blog at least once weekly.  For anyone who’s been keeping track, I’ve fallen down on the job.  It’s been a few weeks (last post:  August 23, 2016) and I’m sick about it.  Believe me, I suspect nobody realized my postings have been missing over the past few weeks as much as I did… the frequency with which I post is probably not as important to anyone else, but it is important to me. Hopefully, you’re still with me, I haven’t damaged my reputation beyond repair and we can move forward.  I have all kinds of good excuses for not writing, but, they are not important.  Bottom line:  I’m sorry.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?  Failed to live up to a commitment?  Many of us have.  I find when I can’t get it all done, when I’ve shirked on my responsibilities, there are actions I can take to help rectify the situation.  Here are a few suggestions and things I’m doing to help course correct:

  1. Acknowledge the mistake. A little accountability and an apology can go a long way toward remedy.  So, from me to you… I’m sorry!  Please stick with me.  The blog is back!

  2. Get back on your horse! If you’ve fallen, you can get back up.  Don’t let the situation get so far out of hand that you are unable to fix it.  I’m spending my day today just writing.  There are endless topics to consider and I’m feeling very inspired.  Hopefully, by the end of the day, my arsenal of blogs will be rich and I won’t miss a beat for the remainder of the year!

  3. Ask for help. When you feel overwhelmed, don’t know what to do or are unsure how to move forward, ask others to pitch in.  We’ve all been there and can relate to those feelings.  I’m sending out an SOS.  This is for YOU!  I need your input.  Do you have a blog topic related to networking or career development or leadership or business or entrepreneurship or something else inspirational that would benefit the CLC Community?  Write to me at Alana@CoffeeLunchCoffee.com and tell me about it.  Perhaps you can share your ideas and/or write a guest post for Coffee Lunch Coffee! 

Grateful for your continued support and interest and encouragement and understanding.  Thanks for not abandoning ship.  Can’t wait to hear from you.  Happy Networking!