Everyone Has an Opinion

Everyone Has an Opinion

November 19, 2011

Networking is exciting!  It gives us an opportunity to interact with people who we admire, people whose input we value, people who we might otherwise think out of reach. 

So, you’ve sent the invitation… he/she said, “yes.”  You go to the meeting… you are sitting there… and you totally and completely disagree with everything they are saying!

It happens.  You won’t agree with everything that everyone says, thinks or suggests.  No problem.  No shame. 

Here’s a quick story… when I first contemplated leaving Sprint, I picked five people to talk with about my decision.  I was scared.  The people I talked with are all successful professionals who I admire, look up to, respect.  To each, I asked a simple question:  Is it a mistake to leave Sprint?  Four of the five were thrilled, encouraging, urged me on… one did not.  This particular individual cares about me… only wants my happiness… believes in me… sees me as a success.  Wanna know what they said, “You are out of your mind!”  Ugh!  What to do?  Tuck it away.

You know the outcome of my story.  I left Sprint.  I ignored this person whose opinion and input I highly valued.  I made the right decision… for me. 

Still, I appreciated the counter perspective.  It helped me to proceed intelligently.  I opened my eyes to the dangers, drawbacks and risks associated with the decision.  Without this individual’s thoughts I may have fallen into the trap of groupthink instead of considering my broad options.

So, allow for the counter perspective.  Respect where it comes from.  Ignore what you will. You won’t agree with everything everyone says, but there is no need to.  You will make the right moves for you – do so with as much information as possible. 

Tomorrow:  Be a YES (wo)man.