Do You Journal?

Do You Journal?

November 17, 2013

Over the years, I’ve started journals… and stopped.  There have been written journals… photo journals… drawing journals… travel journals.  On the whole, though, I’ve never really been a keeper of a diary of any kind.  That is, until I became a blogger.  Now, blogging has become a guilty pleasure.  Though I don’t always have time for it, when I do, I simply love it!

A friend of mine, Duane Hallock, has a blog called “Duane’s Dartboard.”  Earlier this year, he wrote a series of blog posts about blogging – it was just terrific!  For those of you considering starting a blog or starting/continuing any kind of journaling, I highly recommend you check it out.

His August 22, 2013 post was particularly impactful to me.  The piece was titled, “My Seven Rules for Blogging.”  Rules #2 and #3 really set me free!  They enabled me to give myself permission to blog only when I feel it necessary, appropriate and meaningful:

Rule #2:  I write when I have something to say. That sounds pretty basic, but sometimes in the world of blogging and online sharing that point is overlooked. I think of my blog as the canvas upon which I paint. Great artists paint as a form of creative expression. They don’t create artwork because external pressure compels them to. Rather, they do their magic when there’s something inside of them that needs to be shared.

Rule #3:  I do not write when I do not have something to say. I am not a newspaper columnist who cranks out columns on a deadline. Because I am not constrained by an editorial calendar, I do not feel pressure to adhere to an arbitrary schedule. That freedom helps me to avoid forcing the creation of content.

My husband, Marc Hammer, shared another great journaling/blogging tactic with me:  Whenever you have a negative thought or become consumed by a disappointing situation, write a journal entry about it.  Explain what it is that concerns you, record your thoughts.  It helps you rationalize your thoughts and helps get stressful issues off your chest, and allow you to focus on more productive activities. Though it may not rectify the unfortunate situation you are experiencing, it may help to put the gravity of the scenario into perspective vis-à-vis your own bigger picture.

There are many types of journals/blogs and I encourage you to choose the one that is right for you – or, of course, to come up with one of your own…

  • Periodic (daily, weekly, monthly, whenever-you-feel-like-it) Written Journal
  • Grateful Journal
  • Photo Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Pencil Drawing Journal
  • Many others…

Here’s a topic for you:  What type of journaling will you pursue?  Why?  Let’s get started!