December 5, 2012

Tonight’s post is as much a lesson to myself as to anyone.  That is, if you say you’re going to do something, then DO IT!  The point here is:  Honor your commitments.

The genesis of my thinking on this came from a conversation with a friend.  She was lamenting the fact that she has received a great deal of verbal kudos, support and words of encouragement from her community for a new business that she has launched.  Countless contacts have promised her referrals and reviews and business.  Turns out, few have come through.  It’s been disheartening for her which is completely understandable given the volume of enthusiasm that she’s received.

I suppose that we could sit here, you and I, and pass judgment on her… she heard what she wanted to hear… she focused only on the positive news and ignored the negative… she didn’t test her market enough before she put out her product… etc.  BUT… let’s not.

Instead, let’s assume that she’s done everything right.  She’s connected with the right people.  She’s been specific about her needs.  She’s confirmed their commitment.  She’s even followed up to gently remind those individuals to complete the promised tasks.  Alas, they simply have not come through.  Now who’s the villain?

Sad as this story is, my friend is not the first to experience it.  We’ve all been on the disappointing receiving end of this equation.  It stinks.  It feels awful.  It’s upsetting.  Think of that deplorable feeling – the feeling of not receiving the promised gifts.  It’s a palpable emotion.  Don’t lose it.  Why?  Because I want to implore you to not be the cause of that yucky feeling in others.

If you say you’re going to do something… DO IT!  Did you promise to make an introduction?  Make it.  Did you promise to write a review?  Write it.  Did you promise to schedule a meeting or send some information or complete a project?  DO IT!  Don’t be the cause of the letdown.  When you operate in the capacity of an instigator, make sure it is for good and not evil.

Back to my friend.  She inspired me to write this post because though she has experienced the disappointment associated with people failing to meet their commitments when it comes to helping her build her business, she remains a woman of action – a woman who meets her commitments.  I didn’t even have to ask her for help to promote my book – she proactively offered and her offer was not empty.  Specifically, she provided me with a testimonial… she wrote a review on Amazon… she shared thoughts on my book with her entire client base through a monthly newsletter.  What a role model she has been to me… what a role model for us all!

OK – enough of my rant.  I need to go make a few introductions for a fellow… promised them last week! Time for me to get on that.

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