Coffee-Lunch-Coffee Doesn’t Work for Everyone

Coffee-Lunch-Coffee Doesn’t Work for Everyone

November 8, 2011

Yesterday, my word count skyrocketed, so I’m going easy on you today.  I will tell you, while I prefer to meet prospective contacts in a public venue, that doesn’t work for everyone.  For some networkers, it feels way too informal – they would much prefer to meet at the prospect’s office or place of business.  And, by the way, as one whose calendar often gets away from her, if you are targeting a very busy person – and, in some cases, even a not-so-busy person – it may be more convenient for them to meet at their office, so be sure to offer that up as an option.  No food or beverages necessary… the networking is the nourishment, right?

Beyond the informality of it, the structure may not work for you.  Especially for those of you with full-time employment and/or other commitments, you may not have time for each of Coffee, Lunch and Coffee.  So, pick one… or pick two… your choice. 

So, what is one to do?  Set a different goal.  Aim to meet one person… or three people… or five people per week.  Schedule it at a time and location that is mutually convenient for both of you.  Call it breakfast.  Whatever!

The point is, don’t fail to engage in networking.  Structure it to your liking (although, don’t be afraid to stretch the limits of your comfort zone).  Don’t worry, I’m not offended! 

Later in the month, I’ll talk with you about “networking buddies.”  My #1 networking buddy did not like Coffee-Lunch-Coffee at all – it simply did not work for him.  That’s cool.  But, he is one of the all time best networkers.  His secret:  He’s always prepared.

So, tomorrow, we will talk about preparedness for networking encounters.  Are you ready?