Strengthscope: Identify What Energizes You

Strengthscope: Identify What Energizes You

November 15, 2015

Whole Foods Bench

“Save Your Energy for What Brings You Happiness.”

Such a simple, brilliant message.  It is painted on a park bench sitting innocently outside a local Whole Foods in my community and hastens us to take a moment to think about when we’re happy, joyful and energized.

Wondering when that is?  Ask yourself this:  When were you last at your best at work?  What are three words that describe how you felt?  What are you doing when you lose track of the hours because you’re so absorbed in an activity? Once you know, then focus on bringing more of THAT into your life.  The more time we spend doing what energizes us, the more we are engaged, productive and in good spirits.

Recently, I became certified to deliver Strengthscope™, an amazing strengths profiling instrument that helps leaders, teams and individual contributors optimize their Strengthscopeperformance at work based on what ENERGIZES them.   Unlike many assessments, Strengthscope is positive, pragmatic and motivates people to work consistently at their levels of peak performance. It has been thoroughly researched and tested in global organizations over the last 10 years.

My first introduction to Strengthscope was in 2013 when I participated in the instrument myself and learned more about my core strengths, namely (in alphabetical order):  Decisiveness, Flexibility, Initiative, Relationship Building, Resilience, Self-Confidence and Self-Improvement.  Additionally, with the 360 component of the Strengthscope, I was able to get a better sense for when my colleagues believe my strengths are visible in the way I behave and perform at work.  Both allowed me to be more mindful of my approach to various situations in order to maximize performance, efficiency and energy-levels.  Oddly enough, most of us are highly aware of our weaker areas because we have been told about them for a long time!  Think about what a difference it would make in your Alana Muller Strengths Profileprofessional life if you had a clear handle on what energized you the most at work!

In working with clients, what I love about this particular tool is the strategic, forward moving, optimistic approach it takes to life in the workplace.  Couple this with a very practical, pragmatic and proven behavioral change approach and you have the formula for building productive habits.  Imagine a world where you get to do more of what motivates you and less of what “zaps” you of energy.  And, no surprise, I am particularly focused on how strengths can be used to bolster the quality of relationships in the workplace which is covered in detail through Strengthscope analysis.

And, as a side note, here are a few fun facts about Strengths.  Namely, the probability of two people sharing…

  • The same Top 3 Strengths in any order = 1 in 12, 000
  • The same Significant 7 Strengths in any order = 1 in 346,000
  • The same order of Significant 7 Strengths = 1 in 1.7 billion
  • The same order of Top 10 strengths = 1 in 7 trillion

Interested in learning about your workplace energizers?  Allow me to administer the Strengthscope to you and/or your team.  And, just for fun, if you and I share the same Top 3 Strengths (i.e., Decisiveness, Relationship Building and Resilience), in any order, I will offer your Strengthscope Feedback Report for FREE!  Please contact me for more information.


Author’s Note:  Special thanks to Janet Smith and the team at StrenthscopeUS led by Anissa Norris, Director of US Ops, for contributing to this post and in aiding in my own understanding of my Strengths with their excellent tutelage.