Networking Exercises

Looking for the exercises from the digital version of
Coffee Lunch Coffee:  A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking?
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Exercise i.a.: So, where do you fit in?

Exercise 1.a: Networking Contacts Database

Exercise 2.a: Mind – Body – Spirit

Exercise 2.b: Make Your Four Lists – List 1:  People I Know

Exercise 2.c: Make Your Four Lists – List 2: People I Want to Know

Exercise 2.d: Make Your Four Lists – List 3:  Companies of Interest

Exercise 2.e: Make Your Four Lists – List 4: Non-Negotiables

Exercise 2.f: LinkedIn Profile

Exercise 3.a: Email Introduction

Exercise 3.b: Phone Introduction

Exercise 3.c: What’s Your Story?

Exercise 4.a: 30-Second Commercial or Elevator Speech

Exercise 5.a: Create Your Business Card

Exercise 6.a: Your Key Contacts